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private school scholarship funds -elementary school

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 in response to Anti-publicschool...   HEY!  I went to public school, got great grades and went to a great college -  it's all what you make of it. I care INTENSELY for my children but can't afford tuition, so I did exhasutive research and finally found a charter school.  It took me many years to get in through their lottery!  I agree, public schools are asked to do the impossible.  There are charter schools, which can be a great alternative and "free" of charge.  If you want a scholarship you have to ask (or beg) the school for one.  Also, you may be able to apply for scholarship grants through groups like Elks, Shriners, or even through your employer.
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tiredof itall
 in response to avene...   YOU have got to be kidding think public school is free???  I can assure you every time I pay my property and state tax the public schools are NOT free.  and the education the kids are forced to accept in some cases is below poor, but we have to keep feeding the teachers union and not care about the kids.  In a fair world if a person chose to put their kids in a private school they would be exempt from school tax in their area.  they could then use that money for a school of their choice.  If schools had to compete uncaring or imcompetent teachers would be gone.
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lew's mom
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 in response to Sarah28...   

It seems to me your the "looser", you dont have anything better to do than criticize?

This person is asking for advice and doing something proactive with her time. You should try it sometime!


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 in response to avene...   

Your a loser!  It is not up to you if someone wants a public or private school.  No difference in getting a grant for college or for elementary school.  Find something else better to do.

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Does any one know of any places to get private school scholarships.  I too agree with wanting to keep kids in the same school.  People from private schools need to stand together to try and get more scholarships/ vouchers.  We all need to work together as a community.

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 in response to avene...   

My daughter has a severe learning disability, ADHD and dyslexia.  Public school was failing her!!!!  Public school is not set up to teach students with even the slightest learning disabilty.  I am a special ed. teacher at our local high school.  I work hard daily to help my students succeed and keep them in school.  By the time they get to h.s. they are tired of trying and failing.  I do not want this for my daughter!  There is a school in a neighboring town that is for students with learning disabilities.  My daughter has made incredible gains!  they have discovered talents and strengths in her that the public school would have never found.  Public school will keep passing them on. Most of these kids will never get a high school diploma. 

Yes, I chose for my daughter to attend this private school but my daughter deserves a free and APPROPRIATE education just like yours, reagardless of a learning disability! You have no idea what parents of these children experience.  Be thankful that you do not need to go to the ends of the earth to discover your child's talents and strengths.  Until you have experienced my situation or anyone else, maybe you should bite your tongue!

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i was searching for scholarship on the net, i clicked and clicked and landed on this page.hoping to find someone or some groups to help me out. its too silly to bring this up on this page for the rest to read but i just wanted to share this.....I too got 2 kids, 6 and 3 yrs of age...the younger one in nursery and the older one is in grade 2 now(he has been accelerated to grade 1 after kinder 1(suppose to be in kinder 2), when he got to grade 1, i never expected much, i just told myself it would be alright for him to cope with his classmates knowing that he was to young to be with the group, but after a year in that level i was so surprised to know that i was invited in their school's Honor's Day...Surprised to know that he was in the honor's list and more when the teacher let me realized that he topped the 50 students in grade heart was so overwhelmed to climb the stage to pin his first ever medal..i was so happy and so proud..even prouder when his name was called again(and i have to go to the stage again) to give him the Proficiency award in Filipino, Science, English and even Math, to  think that he was the youngest. I was so happy....he is still in that school( a small but a well known private school in our city)..i wanted his knowledge to be developed,i wanted him to succeed, and i dont want my financial status to be a hindrance to his future...i cant stop dreaming for my kids success...i really would appreciate to know someone or somebody who could share some of their blessings..i know my kids will have a long way to go...if you could help i'll be so happy...thank you so much

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 in response to avene...   

Yes, free...and you get what you pay for. I guess YOU went to public school? Well, some parents actually care about their children.

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You've got to be kidding me.


Cannot afford a private school - go to public IT IS FREE.


Begging for handouts in this situation is a shame.



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from saidee private schools are expensive but the learning experience is worth it , chanze has approx 7 in his class so he gets more time spent with him as does each child there. its very important to me as chanze comes first before anything. as im sure you feel the same as were trying to find financial help.the school chanze goes to inis mtn. home christain acdemy in mtn home ,arkansas

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my grandson has ocular albinism has been in private school since k-3. due to injury i cannot work and have to live on $672.00/month. my grandson lives with me and we need help financially to keep himin private school. any info will help saidee

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grandmother lost job due to injury at work have a grandson who lives with me need financial help so he can continue to go to the private school, any info will be greatly appreciated thank you and god bless

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Hi! Well, most federal and non-governmental grants for attending elementary schools are intended for low-income families, minority kids or children with disabilities. But it is not unlikely that there are a limited number of grants that could be for attending private schools. Browsing AidPage could help you find the right grant or loan. Besides grants, loans for education are also available, so if you insist that your kids go to the same school, a loan could be the last resort. Also, the school itself might be able to provide some kind of support, or at least apply for those grants, the beneficiaries of which are organizations rather than individuals. So, you may want to check with Dobson Montessori if they have any plans for financial assistance.

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