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private school scholarship funds -elementary school

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Yes, free...and you get what you pay for. I guess YOU went to public school? Well, some parents actually care about their children.

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You've got to be kidding me.


Cannot afford a private school - go to public IT IS FREE.


Begging for handouts in this situation is a shame.



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from saidee private schools are expensive but the learning experience is worth it , chanze has approx 7 in his class so he gets more time spent with him as does each child there. its very important to me as chanze comes first before anything. as im sure you feel the same as were trying to find financial help.the school chanze goes to inis mtn. home christain acdemy in mtn home ,arkansas

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my grandson has ocular albinism has been in private school since k-3. due to injury i cannot work and have to live on $672.00/month. my grandson lives with me and we need help financially to keep himin private school. any info will help saidee

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grandmother lost job due to injury at work have a grandson who lives with me need financial help so he can continue to go to the private school, any info will be greatly appreciated thank you and god bless

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Hi! Well, most federal and non-governmental grants for attending elementary schools are intended for low-income families, minority kids or children with disabilities. But it is not unlikely that there are a limited number of grants that could be for attending private schools. Browsing AidPage could help you find the right grant or loan. Besides grants, loans for education are also available, so if you insist that your kids go to the same school, a loan could be the last resort. Also, the school itself might be able to provide some kind of support, or at least apply for those grants, the beneficiaries of which are organizations rather than individuals. So, you may want to check with Dobson Montessori if they have any plans for financial assistance.

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